Instrument Repair

Currently we are performing minor instrument repair and adjustment on site at Huntsville Strings Shop. This includes replacement or adjustment of things such as bridge, tail piece, chin rest, pegs and of course strings replacement. We also do fingerboard dressing. Broken instruments or instruments in need of major repair are taken to our partners in Nashville at the Violin Shop where we have a staff of highly trained and experienced luthiers. An estimate can be given before a repair is undertaken. Please feel free to bring your instrument by the shop, call or email us if you have questions about a repair.

Bow Repair and Re-Hairing

The Huntsville String Shop offers bow maintenance and minor repairs.

Our repair service includes inspection and cleaning, as well as, installation of high quality hair in white, off-white, black, or “salt and pepper”. In most cases your bow can be returned to you within 24 hours.

If your bow is currently damaged, let us inspect it to recommend repairs. We offer tip face replacement*, and wire or thread lapping and leather wrap replacement. In some cases, even severely damaged bows can be repaired to a playable condition.

*Due to recent restrictions of ivory sales, we use a synthetic ivory replacement for tip repairs.