Our Rental Program

Huntsville Strings Shop Rental Program has been developed by professional players for players and with their knowledge, a rental program of the highest standard was created.  Only high quality instruments & bows are used, having the same grade strings and bow hair as our professional instruments.  All of our instruments are set up to the same exacting standards for ease of play and optimum tone quality. We want to give all students the chance to learn on an instruments that play well, sound amazing, and protects their parents’ investment from the beginning.  Before being placed in the rental program, every instrument is tested by an experienced musician!

Our Rentals are professionally set up with high quality strings and the package includes a carbon bow, case and rosin. Rentals also includes repairs, adjustments and strings if necessary. Most or all of your rental payments may be applied to purchase. If you purchase your rental or a new instrument, most or all of the purchase price is allowed toward trade-in or trade-up.

Call, come by the shop or contact us through our Contact Us page for additional details.